Graphic design for nutritionists & yoga teachers

Working with a design studio led by someone who gets you, understands your industry & gets where you're coming from
is a powerful thing.


Hi, I'm Mel.


I'm the graphic designer & brand strategist at the head this of studio focused on food & wellness.

Early on, I realized that it takes a village. So together with my team, I help shape beautiful brands that connect in a meaningful way with your ideal clients.

I understand your language.

As a former farm-fresh caterer and current plant-based food blogger, my hand is on the pulse of the food, health & wellness industry.

I am right there in the trenches with you. I’m passionate about your business because it’s what I live and breathe.

Working with me gives you an edge over any other design studio because I also understand your clients.


I'm the designer who’s into holistic health. The strategist who begins her day with Sun Salutation. Most of all, I'm the gal in your corner who, like you, is trying to live a nourished life & crush it in business.


Meet the team

Holland | Web designer

Holland | Web design

There’s more to working in wellness than changing lives and changing the world. It takes hustle. It takes grit. And it also takes a village. I know this firsthand — I’m a single mom, a health coach, and a yoga instructor. I tried to do it all myself, from branding to strategy to web design. And I learned a lot along the way. I honed my skills, I refined my eye, I excelled. But I also learned to ask for help, that it takes a village, that we’re better together. I learned firsthand what Mel has said all along: no woman is an island.

JEN | writer

Delving into the world of marketing, branding and business writing, please note: I’m a writer, and research is the very air I breathe. To study call-to-actions and taglines without digging deeper into the psychology behind buying or the conscious and unconscious effects of precise wording simply would not suit me – over time, my expertise grew. Web copy and marketing material now grace my portfolio.

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